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And The Second Year Ends

That’s right, friends.  The time has come.  That six-month black hole of blogging is about to be filled. This will not be a fun post. So, the point where I went off digi-grid was in the Christmas holiday.  I has … Continue reading

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I Did Things. I Was Proud.

So, an… optimistic little interlude before the bulk updates come spilling. Run for your lives, before it’s too late. I’ve not been doing too well, as I said in my last post.  We’re all quite used to it at home … Continue reading

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And so, here I am, with three weeks of “free time” on my hands… and still no posts.  It’s not personal, internet, I promise. Be warned: here comes the unirant of all time.  Hey, look, I invented a word.  I … Continue reading

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Lungs: Functioning. Brain: Not So Much.

Hello again, Shiny Internet People Who I’ve Missed So Much.  The above point being that I’m still breathing, even though coherence eludes me, but I’m taking another stab at posting in the hope that it makes something approaching sense. Term … Continue reading

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An Attempted Murder-by-Disorganisation, Perhaps?

My department is trying to kill me.  I’m not joking.  I hate these introductory lectures, you know, where someone stands up and does that Big Strict Growly Thing, the purpose of which being to panic the procrastinators into paying attention … Continue reading

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The Big Amalgamation Post

I’m still alive.  Apparently. OK, so I’ve been off in my own little world for some time now, which isn’t unusual, especially around this time of year (when my brain unfailingly decides to mutiny).  I’ve been rethinking lots of things … Continue reading

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A Moment of Relief

The exams are over at last, and I’m proud to announce that I’m alive… just.  Perhaps my revision technique was designed – by an evil overlord somewhere, no doubt – to bring my mental and physical health to The Edge, … Continue reading

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… And The Hibernation Begins

Exams: the bane of my life.  I imagine I’m not the only student feeling the pressure at the moment (and hopefully I’m also not the only student left in the Looniverse who still revises for these things), but I’ve been finding … Continue reading

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Mega Update

Hello again.  I thought it would be easier to do one big update on each of my weirdo-posts, rather than to post separately for each strange little thought process.  So here I go. Laboratory Thief It turns out that we … Continue reading

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Protected: Sigh.

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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