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And so, here I am, with three weeks of “free time” on my hands… and still no posts.  It’s not personal, internet, I promise. Be warned: here comes the unirant of all time.  Hey, look, I invented a word.  I … Continue reading

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Questions… And Then Some

I love questions.  I’m just putting it out there.  It’s why there are two forms to contact me floating about the blogosphere. And before I start out on my slightly awkward “it’s OK, I don’t bite” message behind my thinkings … Continue reading

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An Entertaining Kind Of Organisation… And Why You Shouldn’t Leave A Social Phobe In Charge Of Events Planning

So, the time of holidays is upon us.  At last.  And this time round, we apparently decided to attempt to actually go somewhere.  Shock horror, I know.  Especially for me. We’re a family who haven’t gone on holiday in our … Continue reading

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Social Dysphoria

What the title said. I should point out that I’m incredibly lucky for a transperson.  I’ve never been all that… feminine-looking.  And for a long time, I thought that was a bad thing, despite my extreme discomfort whenever I tried … Continue reading

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Yeah, I know, the surname thing’s getting old now.  But I can’t help it.  I’m a Point Labourer and I’m damn well proud of it. However, I have an excuse this time.  This post is at least partly to do with … Continue reading

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