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I Did Things. I Was Proud.

So, an… optimistic little interlude before the bulk updates come spilling. Run for your lives, before it’s too late. I’ve not been doing too well, as I said in my last post.  We’re all quite used to it at home … Continue reading

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I’m Still Here

It’s been post-less here for a while now.  This has been due to something akin to writer’s block.  Except I’m not much of a writer.  And the block’s had little to do with writing; I suppose a life block would … Continue reading

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The Inevitable Interrogation

Out of curiosity, I’d be interested to hear what other transpeople have done, or intend to do, when faced with an interrogation immediately upon coming out.  Itchy comment-fingers at the ready, please. This was one of the frustration points for … Continue reading

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Tentative Reconciliation

I think my brain has reached some kind of middle ground with itself now.  I was fairly productive today (and am continuing to be), so I think I successfully managed to distract it enough to stop disliking me.  For now. … Continue reading

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This is a miniature post just to let the blogosphere know that I may be offline for a while (not like last time though) because, erm, well… my brain’s gone funny.  It’s having arguments with itself, and it’s all spiralling … Continue reading

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Getting Somewhere… Sort Of

WARNING: BIG-ASS RANT COMING UP.  TAKE A DEEP BREATH AND RUN AWAY. OK, so some kind of progress has been made re: blood test.  The phone call has been made (not by me), and of course, everything’s much more complicated … Continue reading

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Questions… And Then Some

I love questions.  I’m just putting it out there.  It’s why there are two forms to contact me floating about the blogosphere. And before I start out on my slightly awkward “it’s OK, I don’t bite” message behind my thinkings … Continue reading

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An Entertaining Kind Of Organisation… And Why You Shouldn’t Leave A Social Phobe In Charge Of Events Planning

So, the time of holidays is upon us.  At last.  And this time round, we apparently decided to attempt to actually go somewhere.  Shock horror, I know.  Especially for me. We’re a family who haven’t gone on holiday in our … Continue reading

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Thinking Aloud… Sort Of

Why is it that I always identify most with The Aliens?  Seriously.  Any film I watch, if there are aliens in it, I’ll be with them in spirit. Does this make me a defector?  Or just… adopted by the wrong … Continue reading

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Enthusiasm Amplified: One Step Closer

I’ve been AFK, as Sheldon Cooper would say, for a day and a bit now.  This was not intentional; I was just having a panic about being unprepared.  And that’s so not me. I had organised my first appointment at Gender Care … Continue reading

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