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12 Months On Testosterone

This is a miniature post to announce that I’ve been on T for 12 months today.  That is, 12 cycles of 28 days, 48 weeks, and not a full year, but I’ve been measuring by injections, so it feels like … Continue reading

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Lungs: Functioning. Brain: Not So Much.

Hello again, Shiny Internet People Who I’ve Missed So Much.  The above point being that I’m still breathing, even though coherence eludes me, but I’m taking another stab at posting in the hope that it makes something approaching sense. Term … Continue reading

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People, Paranoia and Plain Puerility: A Giant Pathetic Rant

So, I must apologise, but I’m changing the posty schedule.  I’m still working on the Big Intersection Peopley Post, but my hands still don’t like me, so that’ll still be a while before it’s all typed and coherent and stuff.  … Continue reading

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I’m Still Here

It’s been post-less here for a while now.  This has been due to something akin to writer’s block.  Except I’m not much of a writer.  And the block’s had little to do with writing; I suppose a life block would … Continue reading

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The Inevitable Interrogation

Out of curiosity, I’d be interested to hear what other transpeople have done, or intend to do, when faced with an interrogation immediately upon coming out.  Itchy comment-fingers at the ready, please. This was one of the frustration points for … Continue reading

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Diving Practice

Be warned: this is not a post about diving. Disclaimer: Normally, I respond to things rationally, good or bad.  Normally, I wouldn’t be so affected by everyday lifey things.  Normally, I wouldn’t feel the need to ooze my juvenile blatherings … Continue reading

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Unexpected Entertainment

OK, I can’t not share this one.  I went to the GPs to collect my blood test results as arranged by phone, but first they had to be signed off by a doctor.  Turns out he was a locum, and … Continue reading

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