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And so, here I am, with three weeks of “free time” on my hands… and still no posts.  It’s not personal, internet, I promise. Be warned: here comes the unirant of all time.  Hey, look, I invented a word.  I … Continue reading

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People, Paranoia and Plain Puerility: A Giant Pathetic Rant

So, I must apologise, but I’m changing the posty schedule.  I’m still working on the Big Intersection Peopley Post, but my hands still don’t like me, so that’ll still be a while before it’s all typed and coherent and stuff.  … Continue reading

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I’ve noticed that I typically spend most of the year at school (and now university) wishing for a holiday.  Praying for a holiday.  You know, a proper one.  Where you actually don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to.  … Continue reading

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I Did Something Social…

This will be one of two posts for today.  Be warned.  More is coming. As the title suggests, I recently had the chance to go outside for a while, and (drum roll please) socialise.  While I don’t feel comfortable blogging … Continue reading

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An Entertaining Kind Of Organisation… And Why You Shouldn’t Leave A Social Phobe In Charge Of Events Planning

So, the time of holidays is upon us.  At last.  And this time round, we apparently decided to attempt to actually go somewhere.  Shock horror, I know.  Especially for me. We’re a family who haven’t gone on holiday in our … Continue reading

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Thinking Aloud… Sort Of

Why is it that I always identify most with The Aliens?  Seriously.  Any film I watch, if there are aliens in it, I’ll be with them in spirit. Does this make me a defector?  Or just… adopted by the wrong … Continue reading

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