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Big Day Tomorrow

Well, hello there, friends.  It’s been longer than planned, as it always seems to be.  But no matter, I’m still here, still typing, which is better than nothing, right?  Or maybe not.  Oh well. So.  Best news first.  I’m having … Continue reading

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12 Months On Testosterone

This is a miniature post to announce that I’ve been on T for 12 months today.  That is, 12 cycles of 28 days, 48 weeks, and not a full year, but I’ve been measuring by injections, so it feels like … Continue reading

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The World’s Worst Blogger Returns

… and is ready to belly-flop into your inboxes once again. So I’ve managed nearly six months of digital inactivity*.  “Achievement” is probably not the word.  It’s been a harder year than even I’d expected, and the longer I went … Continue reading

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Lungs: Functioning. Brain: Not So Much.

Hello again, Shiny Internet People Who I’ve Missed So Much.  The above point being that I’m still breathing, even though coherence eludes me, but I’m taking another stab at posting in the hope that it makes something approaching sense. Term … Continue reading

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An Attempted Murder-by-Disorganisation, Perhaps?

My department is trying to kill me.  I’m not joking.  I hate these introductory lectures, you know, where someone stands up and does that Big Strict Growly Thing, the purpose of which being to panic the procrastinators into paying attention … Continue reading

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The Big Amalgamation Post

I’m still alive.  Apparently. OK, so I’ve been off in my own little world for some time now, which isn’t unusual, especially around this time of year (when my brain unfailingly decides to mutiny).  I’ve been rethinking lots of things … Continue reading

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People, Paranoia and Plain Puerility: A Giant Pathetic Rant

So, I must apologise, but I’m changing the posty schedule.  I’m still working on the Big Intersection Peopley Post, but my hands still don’t like me, so that’ll still be a while before it’s all typed and coherent and stuff.  … Continue reading

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