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That’s where I went today.  Outside.  I’m very proud of it.  I’ve been in a rubbishy mood recently (more on that one to come), and I’m taking a break from posting about gendery things – mainly because nothing has happened … Continue reading

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Passing Judgement… On Passing.

… aaaand now I’m back to gender. So this is one of those All-Time Top Irritations for me: passing.  Not the action itself – I’ll get onto that in a moment – but the way the word is used. The … Continue reading

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Enthusiasm Amplified: One Step Closer

I’ve been AFK, as Sheldon Cooper would say, for a day and a bit now.  This was not intentional; I was just having a panic about being unprepared.  And that’s so not me. I had organised my first appointment at Gender Care … Continue reading

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Social Dysphoria

What the title said. I should point out that I’m incredibly lucky for a transperson.  I’ve never been all that… feminine-looking.  And for a long time, I thought that was a bad thing, despite my extreme discomfort whenever I tried … Continue reading

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This Rant is Relative

I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all been there.  By the Law of Sod, your least-liked relatives are always the most persistent when it comes to family gatherings.  As are mine.  But today, they really took the biscuit, … Continue reading

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Attempt at an Explanation

I’ve moved this from my About Page because it seemed painfully long, last time I looked.  And I’m really not that interesting.  Some more background stuff for you to ignore… The Black Sheep of the Blogosphere As already mentioned, I … Continue reading

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