Apologies Galore

Hello all…

I’m still alive.  I’m on the verge of a meltdown at the moment, as a result of both my workload at uni and various other mental-unhealthy things, so I’ve been neglecting both my blog and everyone else’s, so I wanted to apologise.

There are posts in the pipelines, but right now I have no idea how long it will be before I’ve saved up enough free time to type it all out.

Hugs to all in the meantime, and I promise to catch up as best I can as soon as I can.  Until then, here’s some complimentary digital *support*, to be saved away until it’s needed.

That was all.

About JC

I'm a no-longer-nameless trans asexual autistic, chemistry undergraduate at a London university, pronoun enthusiast, amateur photographer and budding proofreader. Son of Optimus. Join me and be amazed. Or just join me. The sense of awe and wonder is optional.
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10 Responses to Apologies Galore

  1. doubleinvert says:

    No apologies are necessary, Mr. Prime. Life happens, and often it’s messy. Take the time you need. And hugs right back to you.


  2. katemcmillanblogs says:

    In complete agreement with the comment above. I find the citizens of the internet are usually a kind and understanding bunch. 🙂
    All the best!

  3. Eli says:

    I agree with neither of the people above me. Your apology is accepted, but I still miss you, jerk.

    love, love, love:

  4. Eli says:

    Hey Dick!

    It’s been a month. I’m getting all “where does this asshole live, I’m gonna sit his ass in front of his computer and watch him type me a post…”


    PS: Don’t look at how little I have been writing on my blog; it will only justify your absence. And if there is one thing Americans hate, it’s being proven wrong by the English. 😉

    • J.C. Prime says:

      … and again, if only you could see the grin I’m grinning currently… 😉

      I’m glad you reminded me how neglectful I’m being though – sometimes I need a good kick up the backside… and I have hope to be rid of the lab reports that threaten to kill me more and more each week fairly soon *crosses fingers and hopes Very Very Loudly*. In the meantime, I’ll aim to make a post The Hard Way (ie. a sentence a day or something similarly pitiful) – there are updates of shiny magnitude which I have every intention to share 😀

      I’ve missed you. Aaaand… now I’m off to comment on your latest post. So there.


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