Another One for the Digital Trophy Case…

So… I’ve got another award, thanks once again to Eli over at My Life Without Tits for passing the honour over to my humble little bloggy space.

And here it is:

Look how shiny!  Ahem.

[Long pause]

OK, now I’ve calmed down and… stopped dancing around the internet in a whirling vortex of joy (I just like the words “whirl” and “vortex”, so I couldn’t help myself), I’m going to have to acknowledge the rules.

  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
    Eli, I’m raising a digital glass to you as I type.  Not only do I now have the Appreciation For Appreciation Feeling (not good with these words, so that’ll have to do) again, which, as I mentioned in my first award-related post, is notoriously and embarrassingly warm and fuzzy… but I’ve now also found some excellent new blogs to follow.  So I offer a giant digital wave to you recently-discovered bloggers (along with my apologies for not discovering you earlier) and to my new followers!  Hello!
  2. Tell the world 7 things about yourself that you have not yet shared.
    OK, I’ll get to that one in a minute.
  3. Nominate 7 fellow bloggers and let them know.
    Only 7?!  I might have to bend the rules a bit here…

Right.  So seven more things to think of.  Aha!

  1. I thank people possibly probably maybe more than I need to, and I’m never going to stop.  And did I mention my gratitude to Eli for the nomination?  Yes?  Well, here it is again: thank you!  People Being Nice is a phenomenon which continues to astound and amaze me; but I still think that’s better than never being grateful for anything ever, instead expecting people to acknowledge your greatness.  Kind of spoils things rather, doesn’t it?
  2. My AS level total marks in Physics and Chemistry were exactly equal, and the next year I found that my A2 level total marks were also exactly equal.  Being a total numbers freak, that pleased me more than the overall grades.  I also found that the A2 totals (for those in the US, the A2 is the second and supposedly harder year of A Levels) were inexplicably higher than the respective AS ones.  This remains my greatest accidental achievement… which doesn’t say much for my standards in life, does it, really?  If I fail to get a job based on poor performance in a practical test, I’ll still be stupidly pleased with myself as long as the score is a pleasing number.  Also – thanks to Eli (again) for sparking this little brainthought.
  3. I had a scholarship interview for entry to secondary school, the entire duration of which was spent concluding that my interviewers were insane.  (The focus on school and achievements at the time of writing can be attributed to a newspaper article about the 11-plus exam which brought back memories this morning.)  Being nervous and generally weird, I was in a state of semi-panic by the time I was called in.  I was also a stupidly literal child (and sorry, but if anyone from real life hasn’t figured that out yet, you’ve really not been paying attention), so the questions about which brand of tomato puree I would buy solely from the adverts they showed (“I don’t do the food shop yet; I’m 11”) seemed worse than pointless ways to decide how bright we were, not to mention confusing to the point of complete catatonia for my little Aspie brain.  So I concluded that our school was being run by madpeople, shortly after realising that that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing for the likes of me, and carried on regardless.
  4. I already had a 50% scholarship to get me through primary school, otherwise we couldn’t have afforded the fees.  I was five when I moved schools because my first school couldn’t “provide for my needs”, and I needed to be interviewed even then.  The Shiny Minds of Education judged my claim to superior intelligence using a terrifying and traumatic test…  I had to colour in some pictures and write a single sentence.  Apparently, my colouring ability and sentence construction afforded me a 50% reduction in fees for six years afterwards.  I still don’t understand why.
  5. My hair is now so tall (it gets blown upwards) that spiders can successfully crawl on the surface of it and I will be none the wiser.  An accidental glance in a mirror proved that point to me the other day.  My fear of spiders was non-existent until fairly recently, but has gradually worsened due to my senses becoming more sensitive (I’m the Deep Pressure Kind of Aspie; light touch is categorically Not Appreciated… unless in the form of digital hugs, of course).  I have no intention, however, of becoming one of those screaming-fit-type phobics, no matter how bad my senses get.  Nor will I ever lose my cool (ha – like I ever had any cool to lose) and squish one deliberately.  So there.
  6. I start thinking that I’ve inadvertently insulted someone if they don’t reply to my comments.  Which makes me just a little bit sad.  But it doesn’t stop me from continuing to comment.  Thinking about it, that might be the problem: continuing to comment.  I think I should make a pact with my brain not to comment on anything ever unless I actually have something worth saying.  Hang on.  In that case… what’s to come of my poor little blog?  Noooo…
  7. I’m really not that interesting.  So I make fun of myself to make it look like I am.  I also say “cheese” a lot.  Because it’s a fun word.  As are “phlogiston”, “follicle”, and “cube”.  Whenever people used to ask me my favourite word, because I knew they were trying to be annoying, I’d recite either the tenth- or the seventh-longest word in the English language (according to Top Ten of Everything 2000): pseudoantidisestablishmentarianism and pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis, respectively.  The gormless facial responses were very entertaining at the time, but come on, I was 11 at the time…

Apologies for the lack of paragraphs – it wouldn’t work for some strange reason… and thanks again go to Eli for the nomination.

And now I’ve blathered my way into oblivion, here are some nominations, in alphabetical order:

Phew.  My fingers have just started to collapse with exhaustion and it might affect my spelling if I continue to type.  With a final thank you to Eli, I will shut up.

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I'm a no-longer-nameless trans asexual autistic, chemistry undergraduate at a London university, pronoun enthusiast, amateur photographer and budding proofreader. Son of Optimus. Join me and be amazed. Or just join me. The sense of awe and wonder is optional.
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7 Responses to Another One for the Digital Trophy Case…

  1. Well, this is definitely not one I’ve seen before, so thank you!

    The schooling thing over there sounds incredibly odd for me. Granted, I got out of high school without having my brain truly challenged (which ruined me for college), but I didn’t have to go through…Wait. We had standardized testing every year when I was a kid. I did have an IQ test when I was young because they were trying to figure out my placement and whether to skip me a grade. Never had to do the interview thing. I probably would have been like you, though, and disappointed in the intelligence and logic of the testers. And “public” school certainly costs a lot when you have to pay for extra classes that are supposed to make smart people think.

    Personally, I just cut all my hair off. Not bald, by any means, but I lost at *least* a foot when they cut off the ponytail. And then had it cut far shorter. 🙂

    The whole comment thing bugs me, too. I love comments and I try to reply to every one, but then if the person says something again, I’m afraid to respond because I don’t want to seem like one of those “has to have the last word” people. And sometimes I read a post and it makes me feel so much I *can’t* respond coherently and then I feel horrible. And when friends post wondering if anyone reads their blogs, I feel uber-guilty for not replying to every post, even though I follow somewhere near 30 blogs.

    So, yep. I can see that PoV. 😉

    • J.C. Prime says:

      Yay – I love long comments! Ahem. Sorry. Coming back down to Earth now…

      Education’s an odd thing, isn’t it…?

      Funnily enough, it was my first school (the one who claimed not to be able to “meet my needs”) who allowed me to skip a grade, but my second (private) school didn’t. But from age 11 upwards, we had exams twice a year, and then there were yet more scholarship interviews for entry to sixth form at 16. I never had a formal IQ test, but the scholarship interviews were only for those who did well enough on the Big Tests to “deserve” fee reductions, as opposed to the usual means-tested bursaries which were open to everyone (I think, anyway – I don’t know if there were any academic requirements for those), but still, they were all rather pointless…

      True – surely all classes should be designed to make smart people think, at the same time as helping others catch up and every level in between… but I suppose that’s a hard one, to encompass all levels and nurture everyone individually. Still. I’m rambling again. School always disappointed me, but in a strange kind of way, it’s good to know I wouldn’t have been the only one (if we were in the same country 😀 )!

      Me too, the first time round, anyway! I cut my own hair with electric clipper thingy (as well as my parents’ hair, and I have done so for two years now, because I’m… strange), and I’m growing it out on top now purely to see how high I can get it “naturally” – I blow dry but use no product – before it starts falling over. The texture of hair is a positive sensory thing for me (and there aren’t many), so I try to use it for entertainment purposes as often as I can… It was less than a centimetre at its shortest 🙂

      Same here again! I probably come across as a “last word” type myself, but it’s usually because I worry that I’ve insulted them by not replying to their reply, even if there isn’t anything useful to say. But then again, I should probably stop assuming that everyone else is as paranoid and generally strange as I am! 😀

      But don’t worry, in my case anyway; rest assured that I always know you’re reading, even if you don’t say anything, because I do exactly the same thing.

      I love it when I’m not the only one 😉


      • I sooo agree with you about long comments. Additionally, I cannot say how much I appreciate a response that actually follows the points in the comment.

        More than once, I have taken the time and energy to write a long, well reasoned comment for the blogger to give my response a “thanks for commenting “. And I find that rude even if you don’t agree.

        As for feeling alone, I get there, too. A lot less frequently since I started writing my blog, though.


      • J.C. Prime says:

        Snap again, and hugs right back! I get confused easily, especially if I’m having to jump around trying to find what part exactly that someone’s replying to 😀

        Watch out, I’m starting to seethe… in agreement 🙂
        I bristle if my comments are ignored/brushed off/invalidated in some way, because it’s the whole point of blogging for me: interaction with like-minded people. It is rude; no doubt about it. Sigh. I’d rather not be replied to, in such cases, but still…

        The blogosphere is my safe place, so I’m with you there. Even if I’m not posting anything, just reading others’ thoughts is enough, most of the time.


  2. Storm M. Silvermane says:

    Wow, those are some awesome things about yourself. I am not really good with numbers, well I don’t think I am, but others think I am. I remember things, numbers really well, yet cannot remember what I have eaten for dinner half the time. I share your liking digital hugs much better. But I am so glad to have found out more about yourself. and You are cool.

    • J.C. Prime says:

      Thank you! Take their word for it – you’re often better at things than you think… and it sounds like my memory’s quite like yours; some things blend into one, whereas others will stand out vividly. Hmm. And thanks – likewise!

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