This is a miniature post just to let the blogosphere know that I may be offline for a while (not like last time though) because, erm, well… my brain’s gone funny.  It’s having arguments with itself, and it’s all spiralling downwards (or “downhilly”, as my Aspie Mentor would prefer), and yet all sides have simultaneously decided that they don’t like me very much.

Hopefully in a few days my brain will be back on form, and I’ll get back to commenting on as many posts as possible with my usual banal drivel.  I’m sure that’s very comforting.

But for now, I’m going to sleep.

About JC

I'm a no-longer-nameless trans asexual autistic, chemistry undergraduate at a London university, pronoun enthusiast, amateur photographer and budding proofreader. Son of Optimus. Join me and be amazed. Or just join me. The sense of awe and wonder is optional.
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14 Responses to Spirals

  1. Eli says:

    Oh No! When your brain turns on you, it’s the worst, because I can’t offer to beat the shit outta whoever is giving you trouble.

    I will miss you.


  2. doubleinvert says:

    Do what you need to do. Take it easy, Mr. Prime.

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